Class PVP speccs: Mage

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Class PVP speccs: Mage

Post  Bufasu on Fri Nov 02, 2007 9:22 am


I just had this wonderful idea. The idea is to make a thread for every class to discuss what builds are great for pvping. PVP newcomers coudl surely find this useful. So I'll start out by writing some tips on the mage. By making this post I hope that experienced pvpers from the other classes will make posts of their own as well.

As a pvp mage you have three very useful builds that can work out well in pvp these are:

Deep frost with fire:

This is an awesome build for arena and the build I currently use. With icebarrier and iceblock you become very hard to kill, which of course is a huge advantage in pvp. The water elemental gives you an enormous boost in dps as well for two reasons. First you have an extra frost nova, and with a frost build freezing people and throwing icelances at them is your main damage. Second the elemental it self can deal a lot of damage and I have won many battles by iceblocking and letting my animal do the work for me.
The only problem with this build is that it's very cooldown dependant. You wont have much damage up your sleeve once your beat is dead and you have no frost novas. This is somewhat countered by having the rest of the talents left in fire. The fireblast attack is very important in pvp since it's instant cast, and therefore cannot be interrupted. Therefore having a reduced cooldown and increased crit chance on it is a must. The ignite talent makes sure your fireblast crits hurt even more. Lastly I have choosen improved scorch because schorch has a short cast time and will be hard to interrupt, so it can be used as a last resort when you're out of frost novas.

Arena build 2: Deep frost with improved counterspell

This build is seen by many as the ultimate arena build. It's almost the same as deep frost with fire except all fire talents have been moved to arcane. This is done for the one purpose of achieving the awesome improved counterspell. The improved counterspell is really nice against casters because you can silence them without them casting a spell. However the improved coutnerspell does cost 17 points in arcane of which the last 15 points are basically crap. As a pvper you have no need for stuff like improved wands, improved arcane missiles and such. The only good thing is clearcasting, but mana effiecincy isn't that important in arena anyways, and you will find yourself wasting a clearcast on icelances all the time. So basically I think you loose way to much damage in order to get impr. counterspell.

Arcane/fire - The suicide bomb

This is kinda funny. With arcane/fire you'll be able to instantly fry an opponent. Arcane power, presence of mind, pyro then fireblast and someone is going to have a bad day.
This specc is all about nuking as fast as humanly possible, and it works for some people. However the down side is that you are extremely squishy without icebarrier and iceblock, so basically people can nuke you as well. Fewer and fewer people use this build today and if you are going serious with your arena team i won't advice it either. However making those 4500 damage instant pyros with ignite is worth trying out at least once.

Elementalist - fire/frost

I love this build. Plain and simple. It's @#$@%^ awesome. This build is the one with most finesse and takes the most skill to play. However once you get the gang of it you'll love it.
With elementalist you get the same survivability as with deep frost, however you trade away your water elemental for more fire talents. Loosing the water elemental decreases your nuking potential a bit BUT - you become almost completely cooldown independant as a result. Your main damage will be fireblast and scorch which will both kick ass now because of increased fire damage and crit. Finally blazing speed just rocks gives you even more survivability bacuse you find yourself outrunning every melee sucker who tries to kill you. The blastwave ability is the nicest aoe spell in the game. So keep that one on cooldown.

To sum up I would say that deep frost with fire is the best build for arena, where elementalist is the best for battlegrounds, since you can keep fighting for a long time with it, finally blazing speed makes you one of the best flag carriers possible in WSG. So any mages with this build is a gift on WSG premades.

That's my 25 °re on mage builds. Hope someone finds this useful, and if anyone disagrees with me please post so all you can.
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Re: Class PVP speccs: Mage

Post  Miraculixx on Fri Nov 02, 2007 12:16 pm

Cheers Bufasu!!

Good post jumping

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