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TansSpot's pre release tactics Empty TansSpot's pre release tactics

Post  Sagittarius on Wed Jan 20, 2010 11:06 am

Dear all - especially first time raidleaders.

I just want to inform you, that a very stable source for pre release bosstactics is TankSpot.com

A guy there called Spiritus, does a lot of research of the bosses on the PTR, and he writes very detailed guides, complete with diagrams, videos (of varying quality).

it is clearly stated that it is speculation, and might be changed at the real bossencounter (for instance, the PTR Anub'Arak was completly dofferent than the final version.)

The reason for saying this, is that it is an awesome and dependable place to find tactics for content that is just released.



TansSpot's pre release tactics Sagitarius2
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