The Ghost of an expansion past

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The Ghost of an expansion past Empty The Ghost of an expansion past

Post  JimmEH? on Mon Nov 29, 2010 9:04 pm

It seems that every occasion that an expansion comes out, people start appearing out of the woodwork.
It's been a good while I think since I have spoken to you all and with acquiring a new account from a friend with a level 70 (now 77) night elf Warrior called Inseh on Dragonmaw I shall be casually appearing here and there in levelling areas throughout Azeroth and wouldn't mind grouping up with my fellow Englishmen/women and Sexy Scandinavians that I used to laugh and die with all those months ago.

P.S I got really bored with the druid and quit during the summer, I am here to stay on Dragonmaw thumbs up
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